How long is each Sockey class?

One hour.  Weekdays 3:30-4:30pm.


How do I get to the Sockey class?

All students are called down for Sockey during bus dismissal. The Sockey coaches (teachers) will be waiting in the gymnasium.


Who keeps score of the game?

We do not keep score. Students play for the enjoyment of exercising, learning the game, and listening/dancing to great music.


What equipment should I bring?

All equipment is provided, including sticks! Just wear your sneakers!


Will I know the Sockey coaches?

YES! All coaches are WWP teachers representing every school where Sockey is played.


Is there warm-up before we play?

Coaches run a five minute warm up consisting of fun relay runs before the game begins.


What is worn by the players to determine teams?

All players are wearing a Sockey team shirt (blue or white) or a Sockey team pinnie.


What are players doing when not in the game?

Each team consists of two groups: One group is in the game on the main court and the other group (of teammates) are spread out on the sidelines keeping the ball in play. Everyone is ALWAYS in the action. If you are on the sideline and the ball comes to you, the job is to shoot the ball back.


Can the ball go out of bounds?

It is extremely difficult for the ball to go out of bounds. Sideline players are always there to keep the ball in play.


Is the game played with a hockey puck?

The game is played with a soft orange hockey ball (as seen in the Sockey logo).


Can I take a slapshot?

We keep our sticks low at all times, close to the ground - no slapshots!


Can I be on the same team as my brother or sister?

YES! Siblings can play on the same team!


Is there music being played during the game?

A “Sockey Mix” of students favorite appropriate songs is played during the entire game!


Is it true that players dance during the game because they are having so much fun?

YES! Players that are on the sidelines love to dance while waiting for the ball to come to them before it is their turn to get back into the game.


Are there any faceoffs, like in professional hockey?

Coaches supervise a “face off” to begin every game, and after every goal is scored: Three gentle taps of the stick and then GO FOR IT! 


How do players know when to take a break or stop the action?

A single whistle means to stop where you are, double whistle means to change shifts and take a break, and a triple whistle signifies a GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!


Do Sockey players exhibit good sportsmanship?

Of course! We encourage sportsmanship. In fact, both teams meet together at center court when the game ends for a “1,2,3 SOCKEY” cheer!