The Sockey Hockey Story


If you aspire to play the game of hockey, it starts with a stick. However, for Andy Borowsky, it started with a sock…

In 2006 the PTA asked 2nd Grade teacher (and local ice hockey coach) “Mr. B,” to run an indoor hockey club at school. As the current High School and local 16U youth ice hockey coach, Mr. B was thrilled with the opportunity to provide the students with an indoor floor hockey experience. Unfortunately, the school board did not approve the program due to a concern that hockey sticks would damage the newly renovated, gorgeous gymnasium floor.   

With that in mind, Mr. B did a little experiment...his high school ice hockey team taped sweat socks over the blades of their sticks, swapped their skates for sneakers, and took to the floor of the gymnasium. At the conclusion of the game, there was not a scratch on the floor, and not a single injury! And so, SOCKEY was born: Combining SOCK and HOCKEY!

(The original "Sockey" est 2010)

To this day the Sockey program has reached over 5,000 students. In light of the success, we designed the “first of its kind” protective stick cover allowing safe play of indoor hockey. Whether in the kitchen, living room, garage, basement or empty bathtub the Sockey provides additional protection to your home while keeping mom and dad’s car safe from interior damages.


Protect, Preserve, Play!