If you aspire to play the game of hockey it starts with a stick. However, for the students at Andy Borowsky's elementary school, it all started with a sock...

"With that in mind, Mr. B did a little experiment...his high school ice hockey team taped sweat socks over the blades of their sticks, swapped their skates for sneakers, and took to the floor of the gymnasium. At the conclusion of the game, there was not a scratch on the floor, and not a single injury! And so, SOCKEY was born: Combining SOCK and HOCKEY!"

Introducing SOCKEY HOCKEY! Sockey Hockey is a SAFE variant of floor hockey played with protective neoprene stick covers: Our patented "Sockey's!"

5,000 +

To this day the Sockey Hockey program has reached over 5,000 students and continues to grow.

Seasonal Sessions Offered.

Fully Insured.

All Equipment Provided.

Team Shirts To Keep!

Teachers Are The Coaches!

Floors Stay Unscratched!

For additional information about having our Sockey Hockey program be a part of your after school or community programming please email us at

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