Protect Your Hockey Stick

The Sockey is a first-of-its-kind protective cover used to prevent the chipping and scratching of hockey stick blades.

Proceeds from all December 2019 - March 2020 sales will be donated to the Live Like Phillip Foundation.

Customize your Sockey!

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Customize your Sockey!

Why should you own a Sockey (or two)?

The Sockey protects your hockey stick from unnecessary damage to your blade

Protect Your Stick

The Sockey will protect your stick from being chipped, nicked, or scratched - helping prevent unnecessary damage to your blade.

The Sockey allows for easy application to all righty or lefty hockey sticks

One Size Fits All

The Sockey is made of a soft and stretchy neoprene fabric allowing for easy application to all righty or left hockey sticks.

*Note: Sockeys are not currently designed to fit goalie sticks.

The Sockey can be used on various indoor surfaces and protects your automobile while traveling.

Protect Your Stuff

The Sockey enables you to use your hockey stick on all indoor surfaces, preventing damage to hardwood floors.  The Sockey also prevents damage to the interior of your car while traveling.

Wholesale and Special Orders

Sockeys are customizable and available in bulk orders to promote and support your team or organization.

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Protect Your Feet Too!

Get Your Sockey Tube Socks!

Sockey is not just for hockey sticks!  Protect your feet (and keep them warm) with Sockey sweat socks! 

Get a pair today!